Little Dog Cotton-padded Shoes

Keep small claws and indoor cleaning, and ensure that the dog's small claws do not bring the outside dirt to the house.

If you wash your feet every day, it may hurt the skin of your paws and the skin at the roots of your feet.
Long-term dampness between the toes causes itching, which may cause the dog to develop an athlete's foot and develop into toe inflammation, which is more troublesome.

Pets put on shoes to prevent glass sharp stones or rust nails from sticking into the dog's soles because pets don't care if they have stones, and they can easily hurt their feet. It also prevents sand or stones from falling between the toes, especially the puppies, and the soles of the feet are tender.

Indoors, pets can prevent pets from picking up wooden furniture or wood after putting on their shoes.
The floor, so that there is a scratch on the furniture floor.

Pets are fashionable and handsome. It can also prevent the ground temperature from being too high when the weather is cold, and burn the sweat gland system of the pet's sole.


1# - length 3.5cm, wide 2.8cm

2# - length 4.0cm, wide 3.3cm

3# - length 4.5cm, wide 3.7cm

4# - length 5.0cm, wide 4.2cm

5# -length 5.5cm, wide 4.6cm