Birds climbing Net

Reinforced by multi-strand coarse hemp rope, including four groups of hooks, can be used as hammocks and climbing net
Suitable for a variety of small pet to play, can also DIY hanging other toys
With hook design to hanging up the rope net.
Suitable for all kinds of parrot to climb.
Made of hemp rope material, strong and durable.
Enough tenacity for parrot to bite and play. Let the parrot more physical and mental health.
Best gift for a parrot or parrot lovers.

Material: Hemp rope
S:(L)x(W) 30x30cm
M:(L)x(W) 40x40cm
L:(L)x(W) 60x60cm
Suit: For peony parrot and other small birds
Usage: Hanging the hood on the outside of the cage, then add water or bath sand
Features: Durable, Multi-purpose, can be a pet bed and climbing net, suitable for a variety of small pets to play
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