Adjustable Collar Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea collar that can get rid of fleas, lice, mites, ticks, etc. on pets.

Plant extract can maintain aromatic flavor and can be rinsed.

Overall waterproof, can be washed directly, does not affect the product efficacy.

The collar contains plant essential oil molecules, which are slowly released when exposed to the air, giving off fragrance, repelling insects and eliminating fleas.

❤Recommended by a veterinarian-The veterinarian recommends that cats & dogs wear protective collars for a long time to promote healthy growth. After bathing, use it with a flea comb for better results.


1. Don't give this product to children to play, prevent the entrance. 

2. Because of the large fragrance in the sealed package, it should be placed for ten minutes after opening the package before wearing i

3. The effective period of the unsealing and opening of this collar is three months. If your pets are uncomfortable, just remove the collar!

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